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Yale Shuttle University Airport Shuttle

Michael’s limo Connecticut is a certified provider for limo rental and airport Yale shuttle transportation to and from airports such as the following.

    • The John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
    • The LaGuardia Airport (LGA)
    • The Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)
    • The Westchester County Airport (White Plains)
    • The Hartford Airport
    • And much more!

So What’s The Deal Michael’s? Yale Shuttle

With Michael’s limo’s vehicles clearly marked and the drivers carrying Yale shuttle ids, you can always rest assured of a comfortable and secure journey from or o their airport, hospital, university or the various campuses in Connecticut and surrounding areas. All you need to do is wait at the airport terminal or the respective departure point and the van will come right where you are. Having been in the industry for quite a long time, Michael’s limo has perfected the smooth running of operations, ensuring convenience, reliable, safe, and secure Yale shuttle transportation service that is also highly cost effective. The service is suitable for both students and visitors of Yale, with the main pick up and drop off points being gate and Phelps Hall on College Street. However, other common pick-up points at Yale include the 333-Cedar, union station, and various other stops depending on the specific Yale shuttle route and schedule.

https://michaelslimo.com also offers a range of pick-up and drop-off services to and from various destination points, including the following.

      • Yale Divinity School at 409th Prospect Street – served by a number of Yale college shuttles
      • The Yale School of Nursing at 100 Church Street South – Served by the Yale school of medicine shuttle
      • Yale Medical Building located at 333 Cedar Street – Principally served by Yale medical shuttle
      • Yale Science Park at 25th Prospect Street – Served by the Yale shuttle west haven services and west campus shuttles
      • West Haven’s Yale West Campus at Frontage Road – Served by Yale west campus shuttle

Yale shuttle Airport Transportation
Michael’s limo provides convenient and cost-effective transportation to various airports from Yale University and its environments. If you want to get to the Newark airport, use the Yale shuttle to Newark service. Others include the Yale shuttle new haven service, Yale shuttle LaGuardia airport service, Yale airport shuttle jfk, and Yale shuttle Amtrak among others. Reservations will be required when traveling from Yale University and its environs to the various airports. The first Yale shuttle jfk vans arrive at the alighting destination at around 5:30AM while those for La Guardia arrive at the airport at around quarter past five in the morning approximately each day.

The Yale shuttle bus schedule service is then provided hourly throughout the rest of the day, including Michael’s limo’s Yale shuttle after hours’ transportation service to and from various airports in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. An estimated pickup time is provided to you during the time of reservation. However, we advise travelers to kindly give an estimated allowance of up to 15 minutes to factor in the time for possible delays anticipated due to traffic as well as other pickups in the area.

The best part of all of this is… Yale Shuttle

All michaelslimo.com vans are equipped with Yale shuttle GPS to allow free and easy contact and conveniently locate the position of the bus at any one time if you wish through the Yale shuttle apps. You can always get updates throughout the day from your Yale shuttle locator app or the Yale shuttle schedule app whenever you wish to. The Yale shuttle iPhone app and the Yale shuttle app for android device can be downloaded in future from the App Store and Play Store respectively in future, or you can use the Yale Shuttle Transloc Transit Visualization system to get access to details on the real-time GPS positions and Yale shuttle map of the van routes in case you need such information and instead of waiting aimlessly.

Traveling to Yale:

When coming from an airport such as the JFK, or LGA, you deserve a reliable airport transportation service to Yale University and its environs. Michael’s Limo is one of the leading limo airport shuttle services you can depend on for an enjoyable Yale shuttle safe ride that ensures you a comfortable journey from the airport to the higher learning institution. For Yale shuttle from John F. Kennedy International Airport transportation to Yale University and its environs, the vehicles depart the John F. Kennedy Airport at least one time every 60 minutes from 6am to 11:30pm. The Yale campus shuttle service from the La Guardia Airport (Yale LGA shuttle) also departs at least once every hour from 6am to 12 midnight. Average Yale shuttle pick up waiting time is 20-30 minutes. You can conveniently get updates in real-time through the Yale shuttle tracker system

Arrival to an Airport (with Reservations)
1. Collect Your Checked Luggage If Any – In case you are carrying any luggage upon arriving at an airport, it is important to you remember to collect it after being checked as you wait for your reliable Yale university shuttle. This is an important part of your checklist to avoid losing your luggage. However, Michael’s Limo is a professional limo rental service that takes care and secures any luggage left behind by travelers after arriving the airport or the university through its Yale shuttle lost and found service. The vehicle is scrutinized after each trip to determine whether any possessions or items have been left behind by one or more travelers as and as soon as they alight. In case your luggage is left behind accidentally and you happen to have boarded a flight without collecting it, you should contact the Yale shuttle lost and found desk as soon as you can for the respective retrieval arrangements to be done or considered. If on the other hand you are being transported from the airport to the university, this service can help you track your luggage by liaising with the airport, but it is unfortunately not guaranteed that you will recover your lost belongings.

2. Observe Airport Signs – inside the airport at the terminals, there are various baggage Claim areas, most of which contain the signs Ground Transportation Welcome Center. This may, however, range from one airport to another. Whether you were transported using jfk airport shuttle, Yale shuttle Newark, Yale airport shuttle Bradley, or Yale shuttle New Haven Airport services from Michael’s Limo; be sure to observe and follow the airport signs to this particular area.

3. Contact Yale Shuttle Dispatcher – As you do the waiting, use the Counter Courtesy Phone to dial the Yale shuttle contacts to speak to our dispatcher. You can also make a Yale shuttle call on 203-629-2500 or +1 800-555-5593, or visit the contact section of the service website on https://michaelslimo.com/contact-us/. From the Yale shuttle number you call, you can also make other enquiries from the contact us page, including asking for details such as Yale campus shuttle map, Yale shuttle bus locator, Yale shuttle iPhone app and such other queries for Yale shuttle real time positioning resources, some of which are currently still under development or awaiting launching.

4. Approximate time: You will be advised by the dispatcher how long to wait for your Yale airport shuttle Newark, go shuttle Yale jfk, Bradley or another airport’s van as you seat inside the terminal.
5. Announcement: Upon the van’s arrival, the counter agent will announce your name and direct you to your van
6. Confirm and Board: Kindly confirm that your van is labeled; “Michael’s Limo airport Shuttle Ct” before boarding Yale shuttle from airport van.

Arriving At an Airport (Without Reservations)
1. Collect checked luggage and observe signs as above.
2. Use the counter agent to dial the Yale shuttle lines and request Yale go shuttle from Michael’s Limo, who will then advice you on approximate waiting time.
3. Kindly wait in the terminal as you peruse on your Yale shuttle iPhone app for more information about the shuttle service.
4. Upon the van’s arrival at the terminal, the counter agent makes Yale shuttle announcements, from which you should hear your name mentioned with directions on which Yale shuttle vehicle you should board.
5. For security and safety reasons, it is advisable that you confirm that the van is clearly marked with the company’s details before boarding. Look for Yale shuttle bus or van marked “Michael’s Limo Yale Airport Shuttle Service Connecticut” before you enter.
6. If you don’t possess a Yale shuttle free discount or coupon, remember to make your payments only to the chauffeur using cash on the van or by credit card to its driver.

Weekend and Holiday Transportation To and From Yale
Unlike most other airport shuttle transportation services, Michael’s limo is a reliable company for Yale transportation to and from various airports in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey during the weekends. Whether you are looking for Yale shuttle Saturday or Yale shuttle Sunday, you can rest assured of convenient transportation in Yale shuttle from train station or other pickup destinations as you can see from your Yale shuttle phone application.

Yale Shuttle Weekend Routes:
There are various service routes for Yale shuttle weekend transportation, including the Yale shuttle union station weekend bus, Yale shuttle new haven train station, and orange route shuttle as well as the Yale shuttle blue line weekend. Yale shuttle weekend blue line buses depart at 8am and operate in 15-minute intervals until 6pm. You can get the Yale shuttle schedule weekend routes here and find out the exact Yale shuttle hours. However, the following are the common stops for Yale shuttle blue weekend route:
Yale Shuttle Weekend Blue Stops: Prospect/Canner, Canner/Livingston, Canner/Orange, Orange/Willow, Orange/Cottage, Orange/Humphrey, Orange/Pearl, Orange/Grove, College/Wall, Phelps, Union Station, Amistad/CSS, Amistad/Cedar, 333 Cedar, Chapel/York, Broadway/York, Exiting Stop & Shop, Elm/York (at Tyco), College/Wall, Becton, Prospect/Sachem, Prospect/Canner, 333 Cedar.

Holiday Yale Shuttle Transportation
When looking for an extremely efficient and cost-effective weekend and holiday transportation with Yale shuttle discounts, Michael’s Limo is the service to look for. The Yale shuttle holiday, weekend, and Yale shuttle train station service stays operational through some of the major public holidays with discounted services in the following.

        • Yale shuttle July 4th
        • Yale shuttle Christmas
        • Yale shuttle thanksgiving
        • Yale shuttle labor day
        • Yale shuttle blue day
        • Yale shuttle memorial day
        • Yale reunion shuttle

Please check the Yale shuttle times of departure and operation from the Yale shuttle holiday schedule or the Yale shuttle schedule app.

Yale Shuttle VA
The Yale university VA shuttle serves a number of areas. These include the VA Hospital and New-Haven Hospital as well as the Medical School. When looking for a reliable Yale shuttle to VA hospital or Yale-west haven VA shuttle, Michael’s Limo is the service to look for. A good number of people tend to ask the question, is Yale shuttle free? Well, transportation to these facilities is absolutely free from Michael’s Limo’s Yale VA shuttle schedule. The full schedule can be viewed from the Yale VA shuttle app, but the service basically operates from 6am to 7 pm daily, with each bus leaving the respective destinations each 20 minutes as per the schedule. The VA-Yale shuttle stops at inbound and outbound routes to the hospital and medical school at Quigley Field.

Yale University Shuttle Map and routes
Especially if you are not so familiar with the area, it is important to download the Yale university shuttle map or the Yale university shuttle locator for convenience and security. The Yale university shuttle bus schedule is also a crucially convenient asset to have on your smart device. You can conveniently download or view the Yale shuttle bus route from the main service website at michaelslimo.com. However, there are various Yale University shuttle routes depending on the specific destination and time of travel. Some of the most common routes include the orange route, blue route, weekend route, daytime route, VA route, and nighttime Yale shuttle route. The best way for efficient and convenient transportation is to download the Yale shuttle route map on your device from Michael’s Limo.

Blue Route
The Yale shuttle blue route is usually a night route. The Whitney/Humphrey and 333 Cedar Street lots are the boarding points for the blue route buses, with the first one leaving at 6pm and thereafter running at 15-minute intervals. The last Yale shuttle blue night bus normally leaves the 333 Cedar at 45 minutes past midnight and also has a Yale night shuttle door to door service.

Blue Route Bus Stops:
There are various Yale orange shuttle route stops for both the Yale shuttle daytime and Yale night shuttle service for the blue route as follows

Yale shuttle daytime routes stops: 333 Cedar, 129 York, A&A/180 York, HGS/320 York, Payne Whitney Gym, Elm/York at Tyco-new stop, College/Wall, Becton, Prospect / Sachem, Whitney/Humphrey, Peabody Museum, Helen Hadley Hall, College/Wall, Phelps Gate, 300 George, Union Station, Boyer Center / Hope, 333 Cedar. For the daytime route and

Yale shuttle Orange Routes
The Yale shuttle orange express service operates on weekdays from 4:00pm to 6:00pm, offering efficient transportation from Yale with 333 Cedar and College/Wall as the departure points. This is the Yale shuttle orange afternoon and covers the following stops:

Orange Routes Afternoon:
Stops: 333 Cedar, A&A 180 York, College/Wall, Becton, Prospect / Sachem, Whitney / Humphrey, Whitney / Edwards, Whitney / Linden, Canner / Whitney, Orange / Canner, Willow / Orange, Willow / Foster, Foster / Cottage, Foster / Edwards, Edwards / Orange, Orange / Humphrey, Orange / Pearl, Audubon / Orange, Grove / Whitney, Grove / Temple, College / Wall, Phelps, 300 George, LEPH, Boyer Center / Hope, 333 Cedar.

Orange Routes Nighttime:
There is also a Yale shuttle orange night service that starts at 6pm, running until 12pm at intervals of 15 minutes: the last bus departs from 333 Cedar Street at around 11pm. There is also a door to door service that begins at Canner Street’s Yale shuttle Payne Whitney Avenue. The bus has various stops as shown below but more can be found on the Yale orange shuttle schedule.

Yale shuttle orange line nighttime Stops: 333 Cedar, A&A / 180 York, College / Wall, Whitney / Humphrey, Whitney / Edwards, Whitney / Linden, Begin door-to-door service at Canner / Whitney, Resume route at Edwards / Orange, Orange / Humphrey, Orange / Pearl, Audubon / Orange, Grove / Whitney, Grove / Temple, College / Wall, Phelps, 300 George, YSN, Amistad, Boyer Center / Hope, 333 Cedar. However, the Yale shuttle orange lacks a weekend service at the moment.

Yale Shuttle Door To Door Service
Michael’s Limo’s Yale shuttle union station door to door service commences at 6pm at the north of Sachem Street. Please check out the Yale shuttle blue line schedule to determine the estimated time the next bus will be leaving to avoid missing a bus or waiting too long in frustration.

Yale Shuttle Union Station
It is important to note that there are several for Yale shuttle bus union station stops. However, these may vary depending on how congested the specific designated stops are. When looking for Yale shuttle from union station service, be sure to check buses marked as Michael’s Limo’s Yale university shuttle union station.

West Campus Yale Shuttle
In addition to convenient and comfortable Yale university shuttle to airport transportation, we also provide Yale shuttle west campus services, which serve people traveling to and from Science Hill, Medical Campus, Central Campus, and West Campus. You can get Yale shuttle live maps from your Yale shuttle locator app or you can use your phones’ browser to access the Yale shuttle mobile website for more information.

New Haven Hospital Shuttle

We also offer Yale shuttle new haven ct and Yale shuttle west haven services to serve travelers requiring Yale transportation to and from various medical centers. The Yale commencement shuttle bus for this service begins operation at 6am through to 8pm every day. The service also has a reliable Yale night time shuttle. You can view the vans in real-time through you Yale shuttle locator app or translogic.
Yale shuttle Special Services
There are also private and special Yale shuttle services for people with physical disabilities and special needs. Other special services include transportation of groups to sports fields such as football in Harvard. Requesting for special Yale shuttle services and getting Yale shuttle metro access only takes as simple as calling the Yale shuttle phone number and speaking to one of the friendly representatives at Michael’s Limo.

Transportation to Sports and Event Venues
Apart from transportation to airports, Michael’s limo also provides transportation to and from sporting and event venues at a highly considerable Yale shuttle cost and highly supportive customer service in case you have a Yale shuttle complaint. Among the most common Yale College shuttle services in the Yale shuttle to athletic field’s category provided include the following:

There are also numerous Services for Graduate Schools, Offices, Homes, Local Hotels, Private services and other Specials.

  • Yale school of medicine shuttle
  • Yale med shuttle
  • Yale medical shuttle
  • Yale health shuttle
  • Yale hospital shuttle
  • Yale shuttle escort
  • Yale disability shuttle
  • Yale security shuttle
  • Yale shuttle to stop and shop
  • Yale shuttle to west campus
  • Yale private shuttle
  • Personal Yale shuttle
  • Yale shuttle jobs
  • Yale shuttle stop and shop
  • Yale im shuttle
  • Yale grocery shuttle
  • Yale shuttle green
  • Yale fire shuttle

Michael’s limo is one of the best transportation and limousine rental companies in CT, NY, and NJ where you not only get Yale shuttle transportation, but also get to rent a limousine for an event, group transportation, wedding, corporate occasion, party bus and much more.


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