They are unfailingly prompt and courteous. If you want to make conversation they will make conversation. If you want to sit in silence, you won’t hear a peep. There’s a plug in the backseat for charging your device. Cars always look new and have no odor. I am super sensitive to cigarette smoke and never have an issue with Michael’s cars or drivers.

We needed a late night ride to tend to a family emergency, and Michales’s was very accommodating. There was someone in our driveway within 30 minutes, and he got us there and back safely while respecting our privacy. I would not hesitate to call again if I am ever in need of a professional, responsive car service company.

The Michael’s phone reservation process was very easy and clear to use. The driver was perfectly on time and very professional and courteous throughout the drive. I would definitely use them again.

They monitor your flight so if it’s delayed on arrival, the driver will be there when you land. You don’t need to do anything.

The text to locate feature is a welcome addition (previously you had to call dispatch) and makes pickup a snap.

After a debacle several years ago with a shared van service that shall remain nameless, this is well worth the money to know we won’t be left stranded!