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Congratulations, you found the top limousine service in New Jersey, and we’ll take care of you from here on out. Our team will cater to your every need from the moment you step out of your door, to when we drive you back home. Michaels’ Limousine is a name known in the Tri-State area for our commitment to providing the best experience possible with both our fleet of vehicles and the professionalism of our chauffeurs.

Our goal is to show you the best side of New Jersey, and part of the plan to accomplish that is to give you the ride you deserve. Michael’s Limousine collected a fleet of the most luxurious brands in the automobile industry, and make their amenities easily available to our clients. These vehicles are the perfect topper to any special occasion.No one’s likely to forget the time you rolled in on a Rolls Royce or a Cadillac, and neither would you.

The quality of a New Jersey limousine service doesn’t just rely on the quality of the cars though, that’s the easy part. The real reason Michael’s Limousine is at the top of the industry is because of our chauffeurs. We make it a point to ensure that all our drivers are presentable and knowledgeable, so that their passengers have the peace of mind that they’re in safe hands. We’ve made our name by providing luxury transport services, and we’ll do everything to make sure to live up to our reputation every time we’re on the road.

If a New Jersey limousine service isn’t quite what you’re looking for, don’t worry, we offer other transport services that carry the same Michael’s Limousine charm. Take your time browsing through our fleet, as well as our services, to see if anything suits your event requirements.