Fast, Reliable & Friendly Service

Fast, Reliable & Friendly Service

Party Bus Rental CT

Party Bus Rental CT

No matter what the occasion is, partying will never be more fun than it is with a party bus from Michael's Limousine. With posh seats and an elegant interior, a full bar, flat-screen TV, colorful LED lighting, and a licensed driver who can get you to your destinations safely - you won't want to get out of the bus when it stops. You'll have a license to party all day and all night. You haven't partied in CT until you get a party bus rental in CT!

Party Like a Rock Star!

If you're looking for a party bus rental in CT, Michael's Limousine can help make your day (or night) fun and memorable. Whether you're going bar hopping with friends or planning to use a party bus for any kind of recreational purpose, you will travel and arrive in style and class plus have a ton of fun in-between destinations.

Party like a rock star and receive the attention of a rock star as you and your entourage arrive in a world-class party bus from Michael's Limousine. Leave the driving and heavy traffic to us while you enjoy a few drinks, play your favorite music as loud as you want, laugh, check out your all-time favorite movie, and have fun partying with your entourage. No designated driver needed!

The Practicality of Renting a Party Bus

With authorities cracking down on drunk driving these days, the popularity of party buses has risen. Party buses are becoming increasingly popular and are commonly used for a wide range of events, including bachelor/bachelorette parties, graduation parties, weddings; pretty much anyone who wants to have fun without having to worry about getting behind the wheel. Unfortunately, party buses can be dangerous physically and legally, and the renter may not even be aware of the dangers that exist. For this reason, it is paramount that renters beware!

Don't Make a Party Bus Mistake that Could Last a Lifetime!

It might surprise you to learn that the vast majority of private transportation companies do not have adequate insurance, which places all of the risks on their customers. If you find that party bus company's pricing sounds too good to be true, it most likely is! Nine times out of ten, it is because the company is operating with the wrong insurance liability limits. If there were to be an accident, there might be no coverage for passengers, and if the DOT pulls your party bus over, you and your entourage may no longer feel like rock stars being stuck wherever you are. This will end the fun, and then you will have to find a ride home for everyone. Michael's Limousine has all of the needed licenses and insurance to operate safely and legally,

Book Your Party Bus Rental Today

Our party buses are spacious and hold up to thirty passengers comfortably. We have a fleet of party buses for any size party or need. More importantly, all of our drivers are highly experienced and are trained to exercise caution and shrewd judgment in every circumstance. Further, our fleet is maintained regularly for safety and top performance. When you book with Michael's Limousine, you know you are getting the safest and best party bus rental in CT.

Party Bus Rental CT
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